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B.A English

A Pass in the HSC examination or equivalent examination recognized by Govt.of. Tamilnadu

1. M.A. English Literature
2. M.A. Human Resource Management
3. Master of Social Work (M.S.W)
5. M.A. Journalism
6. B.Ed.
7. M.S. Education Management
8. M.A. Personnel Management
9. Master of Women’s Studies
10. M.A. Travel and Tourism Management
11. M.A. Public Administration
12. M.A. Sociology
13. M.Sc. Psychology. 
14. P.G. Diploma in Journalism

Careers in teaching, Media, Journalism, Publishing, Advertising, Translation, Script writing, Theatre & HR, Business Process outstanding units, Local and International Call Centers, Publishing Line Editing, Proof Reading , All front office jobs demanding good communication skills, Civil services etc.,

B.Sc. Mathematics

A Pass in the HSC Examination or equivalent examination recognized by Govt.of. Tamilnadu with Mathematics (other than Business Mathematics) as one of the subjects.

1. M.Sc. Mathematics / M.Sc. Statistics.
2. M.B.A. / M.Sc. Information Technology /M.C.A. / PGDCA.
3. M.A Econometrics.
4. B.Ed.,

Careers in teaching, Banking, Statistics, IT & Management, Business process outsourcing units. Heavy demand for Mathematics teachers in U.K. and U.S.A . Self Employment through tutorial centers. Actuarial Asst in Banks/Financial Institutions, Civil services, etc.,

B.Sc. Chemistry

A Pass in the HSC Examination of Tamilnadu Govt. or an examination of some other board accepted by the syndicate as equivalent there to with Chemistry and Physics and any one of the following subjects namely Maths, Botany, Zoology or Biology or equivalent

1 .M.Sc General Chemistry
2. M.Sc Inorganic Chemistry
3. M.Sc organic Chemistry
4. M.Sc Physical Chemistry
5. M.Sc Analytical Chemistry
6. M.Sc Applied Chemistry
7. M.Sc Polymer Chemistry
8. M.Sc BioChemistry
9. M.Sc Nanotechnology

Careers as Agricultural & Analytical Chemists, Biochemists, Cosmetic Chemists, Environmental Chemists, Food Chemists, Geo Chemists, Instrumentation specialists, Medicinal Chemists, Petroleum Chemists, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Polymer Chemists, Forensic Scientists, Occupational health and safety Specialist, Science Journalist, Academicians etc.,

B.Sc. Physics

A Pass in the HSC Examination of Tamilnadu Govt. with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry or an examination accepted as equivalent thereto.

1.MSc Physics
2.MSc Applied Physics.
3.MSc Biophysics.
4.MSc Geophysics.
5.MSc Medical Physics.
6.MSc Marine Physics.
7.MSc Nuclear Physics.
8.MSc Astrophysics
9. MBA.
10. MCA
11. MSW

Careers in IT, Banking, DRDO, ISRO, DA, Teaching, Pharamaceuticals,Leather Industries, Textitle,Food Industry,Laboratories,Medical transcription,Civil Service etc.,.

B.Sc. Computer Science

A Pass in the HSC Examination of Tamilnadu with Mathematics or Business Mathematics or Computer Science or Statistics (Academic stream or Vocational stream) as one of the subject as per the norms set by the Government of Tamilnadu or an Examination accepted as equivalent there to by the syndicate.

1.MCA (Master of Computer Applications)
2. MIS (Master in Information Systems)
3. M.Sc In Computer Science  Information Technology  Software Engineering Information Science
4. MBA (Master of Business Administration)
5. B.Ed.

Careers in Teaching, Programmer, Quality Analyst, System Analyst, Software Consultant, Software Tester, Onsite Programmer, BPO, Marketing in IT Industry.

B.Com & B.Com - Computer Applications

A Pass in the HSC Examination of Tamilnadu with Accountancy and Commerce.

4 I.C.W.A

Corporate sector as, Accountants, Secretary, Sales, Representatives, BPO, Audit Personal, Banking Sector, Cost Accountant, Managers, HR, etc.,

B.Sc. Microbiology

+2 Pass in with Biology, Physics and Chemistry Biological sciences.

1. M.Sc. in Medical Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology, Food Microbiology, Agricultural Microbiology, Soil Microbiology.
2. Integrated M.Tech. in the above.
3. MS in Genetics, Immunology, Food, Agricultural, Medical, Soil, Mining, and Veterinary Microbiology, etc.
4. MBA.

R&D Departments in pharmaceutical and Food processing, Quality Control in Fermentation Industries, Dairy, Hotels, Food and drug Control Departments and Laboratories. As Microbiologist in Hospital Laboratories, Blood Banks, etc.

B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

+2 Pass in with Biology, Physics and Chemistry Academic or vocational stream with Botany(or) Biology, Home Science

1. M.Sc Food Science& Nutrition
2.M.Sc Child Development & Nutrition
3. Food Technology
4.Food Service Management

Clinical Administrative, Dietitian, Catering Manager, Sports Nutrition, Consultant in Food Industry, Teaching, Dietitian in Hospital Laboratories, Blood Banks, Gyms.

B.A. Sociology

A Pass in the HSC examination or equivalent examination recognized by Govt.of. Tamilnadu

1. M.A. Sociology
2. Civil Services
3. MSW
4. B.Ed

Stress Counseling, Human Services & Case Management, Mental Health Services, Administration, Law Enforcement, Community service worker, Family counselor, Teaching & Research, Public Administration , Civil Service, etc.,