Wi-Fi/Computing Facilities

The Kavery Group of Institution has well equipped computing laboratories with the latest computer systems and rich repository of software, covering a wide spectrum of applications.

Latest Computer systems and rich repository of software with separate servers are provided in all different laboratories located in various departments.

UPS is installed in each and every laboratory.

Relevant Legal System and Application Software are used.

A High End Server System is used for Web Applications, Video Streaming, Academic Activities and other applications.

All the computers are networked using 12 Mbps Ethernet LAN Technology with Manageable & Unmanageable Switches.

The Entire Campus is interconnected with Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) Technology.

Advanced Computer Labs with sophisticated software packages have been setup for

Language Learning with HI-CLASS Multimedia Broadcasting Software

Multimedia Content Development

A high speed Internet Bandwidth is available over a leased circuit allowing more than 500 users to connect to the web at a comfortable speed.

Computers are provided in the Library for students and staff browsing.

Computer Labs are kept open until 08:00 P.M on the weekdays and on Sundays from 10:00 A.M - 05:00 P.M

Girls and Boys hostel are interconnected with Wireless Access Points.