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Constitution of Anti-Ragging disciplinary Committee

As per the orders issued by Supreme Court of India to curb the menace of ragging in educational institutions, it is resolved that the following members are appointed as the members of the Anti Ragging Committee for “The Kavery Engineering College” with effect from 1st June 2012. The Anti-Ragging Committee shall monitor the Anti-ragging activities in the institution; consider the recommendations of the Anti-ragging squad and take appropriate decisions, including the suitable punishments to those found guilty.

S.No Position Name of the member Desig/Dept Mobile No
1. Chair person Mr.R.Ramanathan Correspondent 95249-81156
2. Convener Dr.V.Venkatachalam Principal/TKEC 95249-72156
3. Member Prof.S.Benjamin Lazarus HOD/Mechanical 95249-97156
Mr.Navaneetham Manager 95249-36156
Mr.P.Sathish Kumar HOD/CSE 96557-91083
Mr.S.A.Chennakesavan HOD/MCA 97888-88055
Mr.S.Karthick HOD/EEE 98425-57879
Mr. R. Selvaraj HOD/ECE 97901-22563
Mr.P.Santhosh Kumar HOD/Civil 98425-73016
Mr.Balamurugan HOD/MBA 97883-44223
Mrs.S.Revathi HOD/I yr 99449-77742
4. Hostel Warden Mr.S. Boopathy Boys Hostel Warden 95249-23156
  Ms.K. Vanitha Girls Hostel Warden 95249-13156
5. Students Representative Samuel Dharmaraj IV Year/ CSE
Stefi Priscilla III year / CSE
K.K.Balaji IV year/Mech
R.Prakasam IV year/Mech
P.Mohanraj IV year/EEE
K.Vanitha IV year/EEE
M.Jayanthi II year / MBA
Vishnu S. Sathish II year / MBA
6. Police Representative Mr.S.Rajasekaran Sub-Inspector, Mecheri
  Mr.B.Madhanasekar Grade-I PC, 789 Mecheri Police Station, Mecheri.

Fine Arts Club

The Inaugural Function of Fine Arts Club was conducted on 25-08-2008. Mr.Nakeeran, Director, Tamil Virtual University was the chief guest.Miss. R. Gayathri / Department of Chemistry, gave a brief Introduction about the Chief Guest. The Fine Arts Club conducted various cultural competitions on 28-08-2008.Winners were awarded prizes. "Inauguration of FINE ARTS CLUB" The prize winners were the second year and the third year students. The Fine Arts Club conducted a “Talent Identification Programme” for the First year B.E/B.Tech students on 14-11-2008 and the prize winners were awarded. Miss. D. Viji @ Niraimathi and R.Gayathri coordinators, organized this function.

LEO Club

Thiru A.Anbalagan M.A., chairman, The Kavery Engg, College was the chief guest of this function. Thiru S.K.Elangovan M.Sc., secretary, The Kavery Engg. College, is the guest of honour of this function and Prof. S.Obli, Dean, The Kavery Eng. College, Prof. V.Venkatachalam M.Tech, Phd., Principal, The Kavery Eng. College felicitated the "LEO CLUB" Inauguration.

Leo Club Inauguration Function

Leo Club faculty member Thiru N.Ayyappan, Applied chemistry, The Kavery Eng. College, Mecheri, organized this function. Leo Club of The Kavery Engineering College inauguration function was held on 17.10.08 at The Kavery Engg College Auditorium, Mecheri. Lion A.S. Aravinthraj MJF, District Governor, Inaugurated the Leo Club function and delivered speech about the importance and duties of Leo Club members. Lion K. Dhanabalan PMJF , past District Governor, introduced the office bearers, and delivered speech about duties of the office bearers. Lion R. Kalyana Sundaram MJF, vice District Governor, introduced the new members of the Leo Club and lectured about the activities of the members.


Yoga and Meditation are indispensable factors to mould the personality and good health of an individual. It increases memory power & concentration. With this View in mind Yoga sessions were started in our institution.

Yoga Session

The Yoga sessions were inaugurated on 23rd July by Mrs. Veni Ramu and her team. The students actively participated in the Yoga sessions. They were taught the “Simplified Kundalini Yoga”. The Kayakalpam course was held by Arulnidhi Palanisamy Dharmapuri,1st September 2008. The Yoga session consisted of 60 days duration, for the 2nd year Engg, Applied Sciences & MCA students. Certificates were distributed at the end of the Session. At present Yoga has been included as a part of the academic curriculum for the first year Engg, Applied Sciences, MBA & MCA students.