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Internal Quality Assurance Cell

IQAC 2012-13 & 2013-14

Principal Dr. S.Indhumati,
Vice Principal Mr. A.Joghee,
Coordinator Mr. P. Mayilshamy, Asst. Professor / Commerce
Mrs. V.Chitra, Asst.Professor / History
Members Mr. S.Karthikeyan, Asst.Professor / Maths
Mrs. J.Mary Daphne, Asst.Professor / English
Mrs. M.Jayalakshmi, Asst.Professor / Phy.Science
Mr. J.K.Subramani, Asst.Professor / Bio.Science

Our college is blooming with various changes at the new entrants. This is yet another feather on the cap of the Kavery College of Education, a unique institution which is striving hard to improve and sustain quality in all spheres of activities. IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) was inaugurated on January, 2012. It discusses and sets the action plan for ensuing the year 2012.-13. It functions effectively under the Chairmanship of Principal, Coordinator and the members of the crew. IQAC Conducted 15 days once.

Academic Year 2012 to 2013 - Schedule

Future plans for the year 2012-2013

To equip the library with adequate books

To enhance the competence of staffs, by arranging state level seminars and workshops

To enlighten the students by TET and TRB coaching

Alumni association

Book bank Organisation

Concession of fees by the management for the needy

National Level Seminar on Teacher Competency and Teacher Behaviour 25.04.2013

State Level Workshop – Statistical Methods 25.03.2013

Preparation of NACC work

CT camp activities

University practical examinations

Students placements

Graduation day

Annual day

One day national level Symposium on "IDENTIFYING AND ANALYZING THE DIVERSE NEEDS OF LEARNERS - (IADL - 2016)" on 28.04.2016.View Invitation